Khamis, 29 September 2016

Jurnal: Memori Seorang Pelajar 2

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Pd hari merentas desa aku dpt no. 24 tapi tak dpt sijil.
Diikuti dgn TOV dan OTI 1 ranking aku dlm kelas no. 4 dlm tingkatan no. 8. TOV 5A, OTI pula 6A out of 11.  Kemudian, trial is so shocking cause I got 5A- out of 11 subjects even if I nearly got 7A but cause of Arabic and syariah were B+ I nearly wanted to cry.

I didn't care bout ranks,A are the matters for me. However, when the result got out, I could not wanting to check yet I checked on it.

Totally shocked!

I was thrown out from top ten ranking to top 30. In class I was 8th, in the grade I was 26th. Students from other classes had been catching up with me.

It made me felt bitter and sometimes stress get over me but once in a blue moon I got lackadaisical blue feels. just a result. Nothing more nothing less.

But that unworthy thing that made me felt suffocated was it an myself my future is just too precious to be thrown away.

I want to do something to contribute for Muslims and others.

Yet, truly I am having this kind of hangover.

About 40 more days.... yet I 'm here unachieve, still crying wanting to go back yet couldn't

The year is going to an end. Later, I will not have a place in school cause I am just a remnant of the school. I will miss it sure.

Ah, studying is sweet. Now that I knew how am I going to let school go?

It felt like yesterday I just 13. Now, I am still 16 ....who would have thought I needed to celebrate my birthday near to spm.


The girl who regard she is not 17 yet cause her birthday still don't come.

Countdown to SPM

Pray me get 11 straight As everyone.

I Love You Vampire can wait cause my future is  important.

However thanks for reading ILYV and supporting it.Please continue to support me in the future too.

I love you all.


Girl that love roses.

Lackadaisical yet lonely
Walking alone
Yet fill with lot of thoughts 
Humans are not alone
Allah is always with them
Get strong my heart
You can always do it
Dear self 
Do the best
And Allah will do the rest

Picture is mine.

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  1. Wish u all the best...sama la kita
    Bday lambat haha

  2. Kak plizz sambung citer sye x blh tunggu😾😾

  3. SAYA pon dah lama tggu
    uwarghhh huhuhu